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Pink with white glitter;
Emerald green with red glitter;
Violets with green glitter;
Sky blue, emerald green with crackling;
Pink, sky blue with green glitter;
Violets, emerald green with white glitter;
Ti-gold palm to white glitter;
Brocade with crackling;
Silver willow;
Blue to white glitter;
Red to white glitter;
Brocade with chrysanthemum;
Red, blue, white plum +green with red plum;
Green palm with red plum + purple palm with green glitter;
Silver palm with blue + purple, lemon with white glitter;
Silver palm with red glitter + red and white glitter;
Gold willow with blue + red palm with green glitter;
Ti-gold willow with purple + green and red glitter;
Gold willow and silver willow + blue, green with white glitter;
Silver willow with red glitter + gold willow with red glitter;
Color glitter + gold chrysanthemum with blue;
Brocade with crackling + chrysanthemum with crackling;
Purple, green with red glitter + lemon, blue with red glitter;
Chrysanthemum + crackling.