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Cola: Gold spring with red crater; gold willow wih red; gold silk chrysanthemum with red.
Soda: Silver spring with green crater; silver willow with red and green; crackling flower with yellow.
Pop: Iron flower with blue; chrysanthemum with blue and yellow; silver crackling flower with blue.

A: Green flame/yellow strobe with green/white chrysanthemum with green and yellow.
B: Purple flame/snow pine with purple/crackling flower with purple.
C: Gold flame/gold spring with orange/silver chrysanthemum with orange.
D: Red flame/gold chrysanthemum with red/Ti-crackling with red.

A: Silver spring with red pistil.
B: Silver spring with green pistil.
C: Silver spring with blue pistil.
D: Silver spring with purple pistil.

Sizeļ¼š10-5/8″ x 10-3/8″ x 26″