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Crimson bouquet to crimson;
Blue to silver wave bouquet to blue and silver wave;
Brocade crown bouquet to color star and brocade crown;
White strobe bouquet to red, blue to white strobe;
Green strobe bouquet to orange, blue and green strobe;
Red to chrysanthemum bouquet to red to chrysanthemum;
Green palm bouquet to green palm and red plum;
Gold wave bouquet to brocade crown with gold wave;
Purple, blue, lemon bouquet to purple, blue and lemon;
White, red glitter willow bouquet to red strobe willow and crimson;
Lemon to brocade crown bouquet to lemon to brocade crown;
Chrysanthemum bouquet to red, green, blue to chrysanthemum;
Brocade crown, crimson, blue bouquet to brocade crown, crimson, blue;
Blue palm bouquet to blue palm;
Brocade crown, green strobe bouquet to brocade crown with green strobe;
Blue to red bouquet to blue and red;
Green, blue brocade crown bouquet to green, blue and brocade crown;
Crackling willow, green strobe bouquet to crackling willow and green strobe;
Red palm, white strobe bouquet to red palm and white strobe;
Color palm, crackling star bouquet to color palm and crackling star;
Purple, blue, green strobe bouquet to purple, blue, green strobe, gold strobe willow;
Crimson, blue bouquet to crimson, blue;
Silver palm, lemon, pink, blue bouquet to silver palm, lemon, pink and blue;
Crackling star bouquet to brocade crown with crackling star.
Size: 8-1/2″ x 7-3/10″ x 28″